Monday, March 30, 2015

Happy Holidays. To You and Your Brands

The upcoming holidays got us thinking about, well, holidays. And special events. Holidays provide us all with the chance to celebrate something special and special events provide brands with an opportunity to emotionally engage consumers.

While big events can be big deals, big event advertising is expensive, and to be successful brands have to leverage real category emotional values, because if they don’t, an ad may entertain viewers, but it won’t engage customers.

Want to see how big holidays like Easter and Thanksgiving, and big events like Super Bowl, the Academy Awards, the Olympics, and FIFA World Cup worked for brands like Budweiser, Pepsi, McDonald’s, M&M’s, Target and Beats by Dre?

We invite you to read “Engage emotionally with big event ads,” a Brand Keys study that measured emotional engagement and entertainment values of major brand advertising to see what correlated best with marketplace ROI, appearing in this month’s Admap.

The bottom line for brands looking to successfully invest in holidays and special events: Ads that entertain but don’t emotionally engage will leave brands with nothing to celebrate.

You, on the other hand, celebrate holidays and every day to your heart’s content.

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