Monday, August 06, 2018

“Fake TV News” Engenders More Trust Than The President

Drawing from our Brand Keys 2018 Customer Loyalty and Engagement Index, ( we examined 150 categories and 1,287 brands to determine how much the single value of “trust” contributed to brand engagement and market success.

The category, “Media,” was #1 in terms of “trust” contributing most (34%) to consumer i.e., viewer/reader/visitor engagement. For broadcast and cable news – independent of other media formats and platforms ­– “Trust” was slightly higher, contributing 39% to network brand engagement.

The remaining 61% was accounted for via attributes and values like quality of hosts, levels of commentary and insight, and credible and engaging guests.

4,012 viewers rated broadcast and cable brands they watched regularly (3+ times a week) via our Emotional Engagement Analysis to determine how much – that one value in particular – trust – was engendered by the brands, with the following results. 5% indicates a significant difference at the 95% confidence level:

As President Trump has assailed news (of all varieties) as “Fake News,” and more recently, “the enemy of the people,” Brand Keys was interested to see how much “trust” viewers actually had in the President, versus the TV brands.

Mr. Trump was rated an overall 29%, less than a third of that attributed to the BBC, and half that of Sinclair. By political affiliation, Democrats rated Mr. Trump 14%, Independents 22%, and Republicans 35%. 18% of the sample had “No Opinion.”

NOW READ ALL ABOUT IT! Our next wave of the Brand Keys Media Trust Tracker will report on “Newspapers.”

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