Sunday, October 21, 2018

The Politics of Actually Selling Something to Consumers

Yes, yes, tweets are terrific and social networking is swell, but the bottom line is, well, the bottom line. 

You need to get consumers to purchase your products or services, and not your competitor’s. You need to make profits.

Back in January we warned brands that Political Tribalism and Social Activism had shifted the way consumers were acting – and were going to act – in the real-world marketplace. It was all dependent upon your brand, the category in which you compete, and leveraging the proper values in your marketing.

So with the mid-term elections coming up, we thought you might find our Quirk’sarticle, “When the Path-to-Purchase Turns Political” of some marketing, research, andfiscal currency.

Today, political marketing plays to people’s emotions. Successful brand marketing should too. Emotional brand engagement metrics are reliable, predictive, and both effective andcost-effective.

Because in addition to wanting consumers to “vote” for your brand in the social space you want them actually buying your brand in the marketplace.

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